Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Count on Google to not only deliver search results

Google is preparing to launch a produce and grocery delivery service in two cities, one of them San Francisco. The service will be powered by Google Express, which already delivers dry foods and other merchandise to customers, and it will partner with Whole Foods and Costco. It’ll compete with FreshDirect and Amazon Fresh. While the e commerce war has started long back and its not surprising that google is trying to test this space. Online grocery shopping is a nearly $11 billion business in the U.S.,  with 9.6% annual expected growth. Interestingly, both groceries and restaurant delivery (called food tech in Indian venture capital lingo) are crowded and popular businesses in India, with a clutch of start-ups competing for business.
Google is investing in delivery services for homes and businesses as it seeks to attract more traffic to its websites. The move puts the company in more direct competition with Amazon, which has rolled out its AmazonFresh service in several US cities.

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