Monday, July 17, 2017

Amazon adding its own messaging app on the horizon of products

Amazon is reportedly working on its messaging app which majorly focus on group messaging.  Its been named as Anytime.
Anytime will have standard messaging features such as encryption, video support, audio support, and stickers. Amazon says users will be able “encrypt important messages” at a higher level of security, while voice call and audio call will also presumably be private and secure.

How Amazon plans to differentiate, however, is with group messaging.
Anytime is said to have virtually no dependance on phone numbers, unlike competing apps such as WhatsApp. Instead, everything is handled with usernames and Twitter-like  replies. To add a new member to a group message, all you have to do is @ mention them.

There’s also support for location sharing, simultaneous music listening, food ordering, and bill split. Amazon also says that the app will support business chat, a feature being worked on by Facebook and Apple as well.

Amazon has been putting a renewed focus on communication with its Alexa line of devices, and Anytime seems like the perfect service to integrate into the virtual assistants. Most notably, Anytime could be particularly useful on the Echo Show, which offers a screen and camera for more feature-rich communication. Even on the voice-only models, however, you could simply say “Send Sham a message” to easily communicate without lifting a finger.
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