Monday, December 30, 2013

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Technique

Try the following steps:

Step 1-> Try to login before 10 am in your irctc account , let say at 9:50 am
               Before 10 am if you try to login it will logged you in successfully..
Step 2-> Now You will be redirected to "Plan my travel" page
               fill the required details and ticket type - "tatkal"
               You may redirected to next generation booking page
Step 3-> In this Page You can see the Timer is running at the corner (see image)
Step 4-> Wait for 10 am .. In between keep clicking on Submit button on some 
               interval of time until 10 am .
               As you will see your timer is keep decreasing .... here is the trick
Step 5-> click F12 - inspect element will be open - click on console 
               and paste this code 
               press Enter
               You will see your timer time is now 100 sec .
Step 6-> Repeat step 5 when your timer is around 30 sec
Step 7-> At 10 am click on "Book Now" You will redirected to the passenger details page
               Fill the information 
Step 8-> click next and choose payment type n do the payment
NOTE : IF you are not redirected to this next generation page then this trick will not work
              Don't try to increase timer to 1000 sec or 500 sec . You'll be redirected to login page
Hope this trick will help you people to book your online tatkal ticket 


  1. Thanks for posting the full details,its really a good information
    pnr status

  2. Your Sites provides us comprehensive details about IRCTC Reservation and its online process. Great to shows step by step process to book an Tatkal-ticket online and IRCTC registration procedure.Thanks for writing such post

  3. It is nice that you are providing step by step is easy to understand for Irctc Registraion


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