Saturday, February 21, 2015

Common Password "Mustang" Is at 16th position

This is what happens when a PR person gets hold of information he really doesn't understand.
"Mustang" is the 16th most common password on the Internet according to a recent study by SplashData, besting both "superman" in 21st place and "batman" in 24th
Mustang is the only car to appear in the top 25 most common Internet passwords
That's not bad. If you're a PR person, that's good.
Here are a few suggestions for strengthening your "mustang" password:
  • Add numbers to your password (favorite Mustang model year, year you bought your Mustang or year you sold the car)
  • Incorporate Mustang option codes, paint codes, engine codes or digits from your VIN
  • Create acronyms for modifications made to your Mustang (FRSC, for Ford Racing SuperCharger, for example)
  • Include your favorite driving road or road trip destination
Keep in mind that using the same password on all websites is not recommended; a password manager can help keep multiple Mustang-related passwords organized and easy-to-access.
At least they didn't sue users for copyright infringement.

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