Monday, September 1, 2014

Rake is a super helpful tool that becomes a good friend for most Ruby developers …

The kind of friend that helps you out when you need to move, and the kind of friend that you occasionally need to offer some guidance to (bundle exec, anyone?).
I use it every day to get work done within a variety of web apps. Yet I still have to look up the exact syntax for lesser used commands. Do I clear or clean my assets? How do I run just this new test file again? What are all the things I can do with the database again? I’m really into mind maps these days, so I made myself a Ruby on Rails rake cheat sheet.

Rails-Provided Rake Tasks At A Glance

Download cheat sheet PDF

At-a-glance documentation for the rake tasks provided by Rails.

There you have it: all the rake tasks that come with every Rails app, laid out in an easy-to-check format.

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