Sunday, July 20, 2014

IDaaS Vendor Symplified Acquired by RSA / EMC

Symplified technology will be integrated into overall RSA identity strategy
On Thursday, identity management as a service (IDaaS) vendor Symplified was acquired by RSA/EMC for an undisclosed sum.
An RSA spokeperson provided the following:
RSA/EMC took advantage of an unexpected opportunity to acquire certain technology assets of privately held Symplified based in Boulder, CO, a provider of identity management solutions. Symplified’s technology is a strategic addition to RSA’s Identity portfolio and will be integrated into RSA’s Identity solutions. RSA did not acquire Symplified’s existing business operations.
RSA will be integrating Symplified technology into our overall Identity strategy and will not have an immediate operational capability. We did not acquire ongoing Symplified operations.  We expect Symplified will be continuing to work with its current customers in terms of their relationships.
Symplified’s technology complements RSA’s Identity portfolio.  Its focus on user simplicity through federation; enterprise needs through a breadth of integrations with enterprise resources and flexibility with both cloud and on-premise deployment options.  These features will help enable RSA to continue creating innovative Identity solutions to help enterprises ensure secure, convenient access to applications, networks and information across enterprise, mobile and cloud resources.
RSA expects to fully explore the capabilities of the Symplified solution. While we will evaluate all options, it is likely we will first examine the potential integration with both Identity Management and Governance and other authentication solutions.
This isn’t the first and probably won’t be the last casualty of the maturing IDaaS market. Less successful vendors are acquired by larger companies looking to jump-start their presence in IDaaS, while some vendors (for example Microsoft) are rapidly building out their native identity capabilities to provide IDaaS services.

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