Friday, May 16, 2014

Journalist Glenn Greenwald released his new book on the NSA documents he received from Edward Snowden entitled “No Place to Hide”. The following are internal NSA slides and documents that were contained in Greenwald’s new book.
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The basic strategy behind the massive efforts to monitor and control global communications via the sniff it, know it, collect it, process it, exploit it all techniques shared by the ‘Five Eyes’ partnership.
The above image describes the NSA’s Strategic Partnerships with major telecommunication and network service providers, hardware platforms, operating systems, security hardware and software and system’s integration readily available to NSA operatives. Partnerships include over 80 major global corporations aligned with supporting NSA in their ‘Collect it All’  directive including Verizon, AT&T, Motorola, Intel, Microsoft, Verizon, IBM, EDS, Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Qualcom, and Oracle.
Leveraging unique key corporate partnerships allows NSA to gain access to high-capacity international fiber-optic cables, switches and/or routers worldwide. The vast partnerships enable the worldwide signals intelligence data collection conducted, listed as cooperative large access points. With covert and clandestine interception points this makes up the 20 fiber-optic cable access programs often appearing at entry or exit points to entire nations of data.
The slide below informs of the 50,000 worldwide data interception implants. It shows five types of data collection, called “Classes of Accesses”. These correspond to the organizational channels through which NSA gathers its intelligence:
- 3rd Party Liaison - Intelligence sharing with foreign agencies
REGIONAL - SCS units, a joint venture between NSA and CIA
CNE - Computer Network Exploitation – TAO division
LARGE CABLE - NSA’s Special Source Operations (SSO) division
FORNSAT - Foreign Satellite interception – Global Access Operations (GAO) division
Approved SIGINT or signals intelligence partnerships listed in the new releases include the “five eyes” alliance of the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Also listed is a long list of Third Party partnerships (Third Party Liasons from above slide) as well as Coalitions with AFSC, NATO, SSEUR (SIGINT Seniors Europe) and SSPAC (SIGINT Seniors Pacific).
Partnerships come with a price-tag.

The NSA (american taxpayers) Paid GCHQ £22.9m in 2009. In 2010 the NSA’s contribution increased to £39.9m, which included £4m to support GCHQ’s work for NATO forces in Afghanistan, and £17.2m for the agency’s Mastering the Internet project, which gathers and stores vast amounts of “raw” information ready for analysis. The NSA also paid £15.5m towards redevelopments at GCHQ‘s sister site in Bude, north Cornwall, which intercepts communications from the transatlantic fiber optic cables that carry internet traffic.
In 2011/12 the NSA paid another £34.7m to GCHQ.  The chart below for calendar year 2012 details payments made to about a dozen other nations with Pakistan topping the charts at 2,600,000 USD followed by Jordon with 1,200,000 and Ethiopia at just under half a million.
13 May 2014. Glenn Greenwald released 107 pages, some new, some previously published, some full pages, some page fragments. Check back, our reports on the new document releases will continue.

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